National 3D Interactive Portal of Bulgaria

  • for the first time in the world recreates a 3D interactive map of Bulgaria
  • With iwalk’s mobile app, users receive an attractive and fun option to turn the cultural heritage into a tourist attraction;
  • 3D virtual restoration allows the user to know about a site in hard-to-reach and inconvenient areas.

We recreate Bulgaria in 3D.

Add your site to

  • 3D visualization of your object on the platform;
  • Turn your site into an attractive and funny tourist attraction;
  • Add interactivity to your object, via multimedia and augmented reality.

How it works

  • Contact us to discuss what you need.
  • We will depict your object in a 3D model and position it on
  • We will bring it to life through multimedia and augmenting realities, taking a presentation video, writing fascinating text, composing original music, and making an augmented reality

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