Bulgaria in 3D



Dimitar Ignatov

I’d like to introduce to you our project Iwalk.bg.

For the first time worldwide

we have created the interactive 3D tourist platform of Bulgaria. The project is an online tour guide which recommends routes, entertainment, relaxation, and food – everything you may need to experience a great time!

The platform will reveal the beauty of Bulgarian nature, it will present the most significant historical and cultural monuments in Bulgaria, it will tell you tremendous stories in order to bring you closer to the Bulgarian life and culture, and it will meet you with some of the greatest people who contributed to our history.

Taking part in our project, you have the opportunity to help creating and showing the magical appearance of Bulgaria.



Innovation in Tourism

Our mission:

  • Building an effective informational channel about sights in Bulgaria, the folklore and national identity as well.
  • Setting up a modern and attractive web design of the online tour guide on the Internet.Creating an intuitive and easy to navigate interface of the website.
  • Making an innovative map which consists of realistic high definition 3D objects, including all necessary information about the sights, original music and extremely artistic multimedia products.

It’s the first time you can find Augmented Reality in the tourist segment.

  • Also, you can find a restoration of the cultural and historical objects using innovative 3D technology;
  • It’s a rather attractive and amusing way to transform our cultural heritage into a tourist attraction;
  • The 3D virtual restoration allows customers to get informed about a particular object in difficult of access or wild regions.

We create Bulgaria in 3D

The multimedia presentation of a specific object is presented in a highly innovative way and also gives quick access to such information. Customers get engaged in the magical world of Bulgaria by specially written music and text, along with a fascinating narrative voice.

  • Engaging text presenting the particular tourist object.
  • The narrator allows customers to use the guide on the spot.
  • Especially recorded music accompanying the multimedia.

Recording a presenting video with restorations and augment reality.

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    About us

    We offer the development of an on-line platform presenting tourist sites in Bulgaria in a way that does not exist until now.